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2 for 1 Sale on NOW! 2-11-2011

For a limited time, all orders over $100 for handmade AC Plugs will be doubled! This is an incredible deal. Check out the store for more details. Stock up now!

Another great year for AC Plugs is in the books! 12-22-2007

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the crew at AC Plugs. 2007 was an exciting year to say the least. 2008 will be even more crazy...keep checking back for some exciting announcements! We leave you with some cool pics from this year of some nice AC caught fish. Keep pounding it with ACs and you will be rewarded with the largest fish of your life!

Largest Lake Trout in the world for 2007 landed on AC Plug! 8-11-2007

Marlin Coulombe has been chasing monster lakers at Great Bear lake for many years. This year he got into some toads including a 55 and a 69 pounder. The 69 pounder is the largest in the world, (that we know of) for 2007 and only pounds off of the all tackle world record.

ICAST show a big success 7-31-2007

ICAST show a big success ... The AC Plug® Swimbait Company got a booth at ICAST for the first time ever. Allan has been to the show with various other manufacturers over the years, but this was the first time he had his own booth.

"It was a lot of fun", Allan said after the show was over. The response to the Casitas and the new line of production wooden lures was great. The new "Minnow", "Original", "MagShad", "Skinny" and "StickBait" will ship around the middle to end of November. Here is a sneak peak!

Allan is Back! 6-15-2007

You know Allan is feeling close to 100% when he is back to his big fish catching ways! He pulled this MONSTER brownie out of the Twins in California a couple of days ago. This is the largest brown landed in the state so far in 2007. This is Allan's 29th over 10 pounds since he started fishing for them. Nice to see you back to your old form Allan!

Allan Cole had a heart attack on the way home from the Fred Hall show.. 3-23-2007

Allan Cole had a heart attack on the way home from the Fred Hall show... As many of you have already heard, Allan suffered a minor heart attack on the way home from the Long Beach Fred Hall Show. He was rushed to the hospital where the doctor told him he would need immediate open-heart surgery. Six of his major arteries were 90% blocked. The doctor told Allan he should have already died...but Allan had other plans.

After 8 hours of surgery, Allan emerged with a new lease on life. He declared "the bait wars are over"...meaning he is not going to be warring with the other guys who build similar style baits...kind of a peace offering. When his head cleared he decided to change the name of his business to the "AC Plug® Swimbait Company". There are a few other swimbait companies...but how fitting is it that the "Godfather" of swimbaits should have that in his company name.

He is recovering well from his operation and is optimistic about getting back to building lures and catching big fish. Obviously, all orders, including the Casitas orders will be a little delayed. We appreciate your understanding about this matter and will get caught up on everything as soon as possible.

The new AC Plug® Casitas is kicking butt! 2-1-2007

Highlights on the new lure testing: Allan hooked a monster striper on his 3rd cast ever with the latest prototype (he was so shocked that he hooked the fish so quickly, he forgot to set the hook!). Allan's son Eric caught a quality Lake Mead striper in the first hours of using the lure. Allan landed 11, 10, 8, 6, 5 pound bass in his first 1.5 days of fishing the new lure. I am sure there will be many more big fish stories coming!

Thinking back on '06 1-10-2007

Thinking back on '06 it is hard to believe all of the incredible fish caught on ACs. Perhaps the most amazing was the 18 lb. 6 oz. largemouth bass caught early in the season by Steve Keene. This was the largest bass landed in the nation from a public lake (as far as we know). It is also the largest bass ever landed on an AC Plug in over 15 years. But more amazing than that was the fact that Allan caught his second largest bass of his life, a 16 pound 1 ounce beast, the same day, out of the same boat! As far as we know, this is the first time in the history of bass fishing that two bass over 16 pounds have been landed out of the same boat, on the same day.

Wiza does it again... 11-11-2006

Wiza does it again... Working a six inch AC Plug "Skinny" on a weighted topline, Mark Wiza hooked and landed this BEAST of a mack on SIX pound test. Dang...he says it took him 25 minutes to land the twenty pound fish...what a fight! He ended up keeping this one...and found two large baitfish in the gullet. I guess we know why it ate the AC =)

This is a neat story. 10-17-2006

This is a neat story. AC Plug user Jim Sutherland decided to fish a derby up in Canada. He ended up taking first place in the bull trout division, largest overall fish (with the bull), and 3rd place in the rainbow trout division. A 7" AC Plug "Real Trout" caught the bull and a 6" kokanee colored AC Plug "Skinny" took the bow. Also, Jim hooked a friend up with some ACs a few weeks ago. He fished a big tournament up north and took home $4000 with a first place win...again on an AC!

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