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Customer Testimonials
Dear Mr. Cole, I have enjoyed reading many article about your lures over the years and purchased 12 individual lures from you a few months ago. Many years ago I was lucky enough to have met you at Lake Silverwood and enjoyed our talk. I found your lures to be outstanding and a true collectable. One of the major reasons I purchased so many of your lures was to display a few that have your signature on them.
Tom B.
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Allan Catches 3 over 10 in One Trip!
He does it again. Allan landed 3 over 10 in one trip on AC Plugs. He got most of his fish on the AC Ripbait and some on the AC Skinny. His fish were topped by a 13 pound hookjaw. The other two hens were between 10 and 11 pounds. Congrats to Allan on 48 browns over 10 pounds!
Giant Trout Caught on ACs
Big western trout are going off! Check at these pics of an 11.5 pound brown, 10.5 pound brown, 10.25 pound brown, 23 pound lake trout and 18 pound brown... all caught on AC Plugs! Grab some lures and head out to your favorite trout lake and get some!
HUGE Colorado River Striper Caught!
Monster 36 pound striper caught at the river on a 9" AC Original. This is the largest fish we have heard of in 4 years. Check out the details in our forums.
2 for 1 sale is back on!!
Stock up on your favorite AC Plug. Any handmade lure order over $100 will be automatically doubled!
Allan Wins Sierra Opener Big Fish Contest!
Just got the word that Allan has officially won a boat package worth $16K for catching the biggest trout opening weekend in the Sierras (for those who entered).

Check out the forums for more details.

Great job Allan!
Monster Oregon Lake Trout on AC
Check out this beast measuring 41" x 26" that was landed by AC Hot Stick Jackson Stall. This is one of the largest mackinaw to come out of Oregon in the last few years. Check out the forum for more details.
Largemouth Bass
The AC is still knocking them dead all over the USA and the world even after 25 years. Here is a pic of two nice LB from New Hampshire caught on AC Plugs.
New Handmade Lure Released!
Allan's trophy trout days all begun in the 1970s using lures like Rapala and Rebel. It was only a matter of time before he came out with a handmade AC Plug that shared that tried and true basic hardbait style. He has added his signature tail, turned down the line tie eye and used a very buoyant wood to exaggerate the side to side wobble that big trout can't refuse. The "Allan's AC Ripbait" is a must have for any trophy trout angler's arsenal!

Check out the new lure in the web store under the handmade section!
Its TROUT time!
It is time to order your AC Plugs. We have extended our 2 for 1 special on handmade lures.

Monster browns, bulls, bows, lakers, cuttys... they all hit ACs. How many giants will we see caught on ACs this year?
21 Pound Silverwood Striper
Allan snuck over to one of his old haunts and stuck 3 nice stripers in a couple hours of fishing. The biggest was this 21 pounder. The AC still sticks them even after 20 years of pressure!
MONSTER brown caught on AC Plug!!
One of the largest reported browns from California so far this year was landed recently on a black and silver AC Skinny. The monster hen weighed in at an incredible 17 pounds!

Go to our forums for more details...
Hand Made AC Plugs are BACK!
After a short break, the hand made AC Plugs are back up in our store. Build times are 1-2 weeks. Pick some up for the fall season!
Allan Cole Lands 2 Browns Over 10 Pounds in One Day!
Allan just did the impossible. Two huge browns landed in one day. An 11 pound buck and 15 pound hen both made the mistake of thinking a 6" AC Skinny was lunch.
MONSTER 45 Pound Striped Bass Caught!
Rod Howard just landed one of the largest stripers in several years to come from the Colorado River. The beast crushed a 9" AC Minnow and weighed in at just over 45 pounds. You can get more details in our forums.

New Products
We have some exciting new saltwater swimbaits that we will be revealing at some big shows this year. If you are a trophy calico bass angler shoot us an email as we are looking for guys to test the baits for us.

Monster 14.5 Pound Largemouth Caught on AC Minnow!!
Just got this pic of a beautiful 14.5 pound largemouth caught on a big 'ol 9" AC Plug "Minnow" fished as a wakebait. Marcus said, "Personal best for me. Thanks for a great plug!!"

Check out our discussion forums for a high res pic...

New Website Launched!
We hope you like the new site. We have spent a lot of time to create a unique website that you guys will enjoy. The main things that are new are:

1) New look and feel.
2) User photo and video galleries that allow registered users to upload and store photos and videos in their own gallery.
3) New shopping cart.
4) Updated forums with better spambot protection.
5) Better search tools.
6) More detailed info pages.
7) A whole bunch of other stuff =)
Pig Striper Landed on 10" AC Casitas!
Allan has been fishing hard with the new 10" Casitas in hopes that he would stick a pig striper on it. Well, good things come to those who wait. Check out the largest striper landed on the river in several years! Way to go Allan!
New production wooden minnows are kicking butt !
Wakebait season is here! Don Pearson, a new AC Plug pro staffer, just sent us pics of a FAT 11 pounder that inhaled the new AC Plug 9" minnow. "I love the new baits" said Don. He also landed a 6 pounder the same day. If you love to fish the big stuff up top...start throwing that 9" Minnow!
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Hand Made AC Plug® "Skinny"
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2 for 1 Sale for a Limited Time!
Any handmade order over $100, (lure total not including tails and shipping) will be automatically doubled. Stock up now before the sale ends!...
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Recent Forum Posts
Something is wrong with Willow Beach
They have been stocking weekly. There are no large stripers around. A very few small ones. I think the tree hugger environmentalist did something. I've fished there for over 20 years and have caught tons of big Stripers and ...
Brownbagger passes away
Ray with one of his browns from Oregon.. Caught on a 7 inch Original AC Plug....
Bull Trout Tournament won on AC Plugs
Dang, Eric's got the life! Not like Allan at all, never fishes or catches big fish. Only about once a week or so....
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